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Looking Good


There is no better feeling than witnessing your body becoming stronger, leaner and physically more capable. Your dress size might shrink but your glow will grow and people will notice


Feeling Great


According to the NHS, excersice can reduce your risk of major illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression, anixety and cancer by up to 50%


Living Better


It's not magic, it's science. Through exercise you can teach yourself how to be in better control of your life and exercise releases endorphins - the happy hormones



You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


You will receive a 30 minute consultation 


The difference between Try and Triumph is a little umph!! 


Contact me to help you achieve your Charity Challenge with a personal plan



I can honestly say that because Vicky pushes you to work as hard as u can, the results are amazing!!!! Every muscle in my body feels toned and I'm looking good.

Sharon Mcdill, Greetham
Vicky has done something to me. I used to emerge from my sofa with a plate load of carbohydrates on my lap and a large glass of wine in hand. The "I've just had a baby" excuse was running thin, as I realised he could run faster than me and I was still eating for two.
Vicky has inspired me to pick better options for myself.
I feel more in touch with my body's requirements. I exercise daily, not because I have to, but because I want to, and, trust me, I never thought I would say it, I actually enjoy it! It's a fun filled (sometimes painful!) hour, but the motivation lasts all week.
I'm so glad I found her, she really has given me a whole new lease of life
Jenny Fitzpatrik, Rutland
I'm stuck behind a desk 5 days a week, losing my definition & energy levels, so when i met Vicky for a 1 - 2 - 1 she soon made me believe that i can get back my energy and fitness, I have already noticed a huge difference after just 3 weeks and feel really positive about the future now I have Vicky's support & experience

​Lisa Rogers, Stamford

After having 2 kids who are now teenagers, I have been too busy to spend time on my body tone and fitness levels, Vicky has been amazing, I now feel fitter and even younger, getting my body back means a lot

Samantha Jones, Oakham

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